Baby Bop

This 30-minute class for our 2-3 year olds is designed with the youngest dancer in mind. We encourage playful movement with simple songs and exercises. This class encourages the growth of basic motor skills, discipline and independence in a fun and playful environment.

Storybook Ballet & Tap

This 45-minute class for our 3-4 year olds is a ballet and tap combination class. Students will learn basic ballet positions, tap steps and terminology through fairytales and coordinated music. Imagination and playful learning through creative movement and use of props is encouraged. The focus of this class is to build motor skills, develop an understanding of rhythm, and stimulate creative expression.

Mini Movers

This 60-minute class for our 5-6 year olds provides exposure to ballet, tap, and jazz in one great class! Students are introduced to basic steps in all disciplines and begin to blend them into larger combinations. The year is divided into four segments with props, music and exercises set to seasonal themes. Coordination, directional learning, taking turns, and creative expression are all key components to this class.

Hip Hop Kids

This class is geared towards students age 5-7 who have lots of energy and an interest in learning hip hop.  Hip Hop Kids will introduce students to the basics of the hip hop genre, learning isolations, grooves and level changes, as well as tempo.  Moves will be put together to teach coordination and an emphasis on individual style is highly encouraged.

Tumbling Kids

This class is set for students age 5-7 who like to flip and roll around! This class will introduce our young students to the basics of acro skills working on such skills as bridges, handstands, cartwheels and forward/backward rolls.  Strength and flexibility are the major focus of this class, in addition to taking turns and following directions.


Acro classes focus on tumbling skills such as rolls, cartwheels and more advanced skills such as aerials, walkovers and handsprings. Strength and coordination are large aspects of this class. Independent study, as well as one on one training with the instructor are components of this class.

Adult Tap

This class is open to any adult dancer from beginner to advanced.  Tap skills and technique will be taught as well a routine that will be performed in the recital.  You do not have to take part in recital to be a part of the class.


Ballet is the fundamental technique in which all other concert styles are based. Strong ballet training is essential to the success of any dancer. In ballet, the student will learn grace, elegance, technique, discipline, flexibility, stamina, and endurance. We offer ballet for all ages and abilities. Please contact us or see your instructor for correct level placement.

Ballet Tech

These ballet classes do not learn choreography for the recital, but are focused on improving the fundamentals of ballet technique through various barre, center and across the floor exercises.

Hip Hop

Classes incorporate various styles of street dance from breaking, locking, popping, street jazz and funk in an upbeat, high energy form of dance focusing on body isolations, grooves and level changes. Attention to detail, an understanding of complex rhythms and stage presence are all key components of this class.

Ignite Stars

Ignite is proud to offer dance classes for students with special needs.  Our Stars class is designed with each students specific needs in mind to help foster a fun and safe environment where the child can learn and excel.


Jazz dance focuses on skills such as isolations, syncopation, strength, rhythm, contraction, and expansion. Class emphasis is on fundamental jazz dance techniques and progresses into faster paced leaps, turns and quick foot movement all in a high energy environment.

Jazz Funk

This class fuses the styles of jazz and hip hop together to create a fun and funky new way of dancing.  Basic fundamentals of both styles will be taught and set to upbeat, current music that will certainly have its dancers moving and grooving.


Lyrical/contemporary dance is the fusion of ballet and jazz technique. Dancers use the choreography to interpret music and lyrics, showing the emotion of the contents of the music to tell a story. Dancers will learn floor work in addition to center and across-the-floor exercises.

Musical Theatre

This class incorporates different musical theatre styles, show tunes, history and some vocal training with a large focus on acting to tell the story.  The use of jazz technique is incorporated into the class as well.


Dancers in pointe class will focus on simpler ballet exercises both at the barre and in center combinations to increase strength in the body for proper pointe technique.  Dancers must be proficient in ballet and showcase strong technique to be considered for pointe. The health and safety of our dancers is most important. Placement is with teacher approval, and ballet tech plus an additional ballet class are required.


Tap classes emphasize the development and strengthening of basic tap technique and terminology highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound. Dancers will work both in the center and across-the-floor to learn combinations and tap turns focusing on isolating the foot and lower body to execute certain rhythms and sounds.  

Turns, Leaps and Jumps

This technique class focuses on perfecting specific skills for jazz, ballet, and lyrical/contemporary through combinations traveling across the floor and in center. The goal of this class is to improve technique as well as versatility in dancers. This class breaks down the details of certain movements in order to achieve success.